Our purpose

We will develop ocean renewable energy technologies to contribute the establishment of sustanable society. This research center targets the following aspects:

Water tank experiment on offshore wind power

Our group uses a large test tank to carry out experiments on floating platform and mooring line necessary for an offshore wind power system. A stack of fans have been installed on the tank to reproduce realistically offshore winds.

Creation of novel devices for extracting natural energies

There are a variety of resource and energy sources in the ocean to be useful for establishing a sustanable society. This research center, expecting our innovation to play leading role for energy suppy in the middle of twenty-first century, will make a lot of attempts to create novel devices to extract some kinds energy sources including ocean and tidal cuurents, ocean wave, and solar radiation onto the ocean.

Design of energy transportation vessel

Transformation of the current society into a sustanable one requires the development of new type vessel used for energy transportation and platform installation. This reseach center will dedicate our efforts to design of such vessels with good propulsion efficiency and sufficient seakeeping performance.